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Ká Figueiredo

Bolsa Pão de Açúcar

Bolsa Pão de Açúcar

A bolsa PÃO DE AÇUCAR foi inspirada nas matas verdes e exuberantes que adornam os morros do Rio de Janeiro.

As formas e as misturas de tons de verde a alça de madeira em machetaria no formato do cume do Pão de Açucar, aliadoa uma mistura de formas geométricas que representam o lado mais Art Deco presente na arquitetura, dão vida a uma bolsa que representa toda a exuberância do Rio e sua natureza única.

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Care Instructions

To preserve the quality and beauty of your handcrafted luxury bag, here are some care instructions we recommend following:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the color and texture of the leather. Store your bag in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the bag clean and dry: Use a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the bag. Make sure the bag is completely dry before storing it.
  • Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals: exposure to liquids and chemicals can stain or damage the leather. Avoid using the bag on rainy days and keep it away from perfumes, creams and cleaning products.
  • Store the bag properly: When not in use, store the bag in its original protective bag or a soft fabric bag. Avoid storing the bag in tight places or crushing it to avoid deformation of the structure.
  • Moisturize the leather regularly: Use a quality leather moisturizer to keep the bag soft and supple. Apply a small amount of moisturizer to a soft cloth and gently rub it into the surface of the leather.

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