Ká Figueiredo is a Brazilian brand that values ​​and celebrates artisanal skill. Meet our artisans who bring our creations to life with great dedication and admirable talents.

Natália Pique

My name is Natalia Pique and I am Argentine, born and raised in Trenque Lauquen, a small town 500 km from Buenos Aires.

I've been living in Brazil for seven years, I graduated in Social Work and since I was little I've always been passionate about manual arts.

Instagram: @atelievanin

Groups of Warao artisans living in Belém and Ananindeua - Pará

The Warao refugee community shows its history and traditions through its works. Rebuilding its history on Brazilian soil.

Instagram: @waraobelem

Weaving Project

Projeto Tecer is a group of women united by the goal of empowering other women. The idea is to change the reality of women who live in situations of social vulnerability. Through training in sewing - carried out using waste and leftovers from the textile industry - they find a way to combine sustainability, female empowerment and conscious fashion in a single project, which aims to TRANSFORM.

Instagram: @oprojetotecer