Materials Used

In the skilled hands of the group of artisans, Ka Figueiredo bags emerge, true works of art that delight and surprise. These magical bags are the result of the combination of ancient basketry techniques using buriti straw, macramé and peroba elements.

Each bag is carefully created, knot after knot, weaving a story of tradition and creativity. The Warao dedicate their ancestral expertise to the art of basketry, intertwining strands of buriti straw to shape the body of the bag. The magic of macramé unites with this body, creating unique and beautiful patterns, as well as providing resistance and durability.

The handles and accessories, made of peroba and reclaimed wood, add a special touch of rusticity and elegance. These noble woods, carefully crafted by local carpenters, complement the bag's aesthetics, giving it an exclusive charm.

In addition to their beauty and history, Ka Figueiredo bags are a symbol of a modern and 100% Brazilian aesthetic, which values ​​simple luxury. They represent the meeting between the past and the contemporary, the traditional and the exotic, in a versatile and sophisticated accessory.

Appreciate the unique craftsmanship present in each Ka Figueiredo bag, produced with passion and dedication by artisans who master the ancient art of macramé. These exclusive pieces are the perfect choice for those looking for a touch of authenticity and style, reflecting the simple luxury and cultural richness of Brazil.