Ká Figueiredo

We create new bonds between cities, artisans and you, through handmade pieces with care and dedication.

The Ká Figueiredo brand is the result of its creator's dream of producing something truly special, which represents the richness of Brazilian culture, its vibrant colors and unique traditions, while valuing social inclusion, a fundamental role in contemporary society.

We are proud to be defenders of manual art, committed to sustainability and the preservation of traditional craft techniques. We use ethically sourced materials and work in partnership with local artisan cooperatives to create products that are both beautiful and responsible.

In addition to creating incredible bags, Ka Figueiredo seeks to establish a meaningful connection with our audience, based on values, principles and meanings. We want to go beyond the simple act of consuming, and promote an enriching and meaningful experience, which meets the ideals of our customers and our worldview. We are more than a fashion brand, we are an expression of identity, authenticity and love for Brazilian culture.